List of Dry Fruits in English and Hindi

By | April 22, 2016

Complete list of Dry Fruits that is common in our country with pictures are given for kids. Know its names in Hindi and English.  If you know any other popular dry fruits name that is commonly found in India or any part of the world then do let us know.

Name of all Dry Fruits in Hindi and English

List of Dry Fruits Name

Serial Hindi English
1 काजू Cashew nut
2 किशमिश Raisin
3 अखरोट Chestnut / Walnuts
4 मूंगफली/ बादाम Groundnuts / Peanuts
5 ख़रबूज़ के बीज Cantaloupe Seeds
6 चिरोंजी Cudpahnut / Pistachio Soft
7 खारिक / छुहारा / खजूर Dates Dried
8 तिल Sesame Seed
9 तरबूज़ के बीज Watermelon Seeds
10 खुबानी / जर्दालू Apricot dried
11 सुपारी Betel-nut
12  नारियल / गरी Coconut
13 केसर Saffron
14 कद्दू के बीज / लौकी के बीज Pumpkin Seeds
15 अलसी Flax seeds
16 अंजीर Fig
17 मखाना Lotus Seeds Pop /Gorgon Nut Puffed Kernel
18 आवला/ करौंदा Gooseberry
19 चिलगोज़ा / चीड फल Pine Nuts
20 सूरज-मुखी के बिज Sunflower seeds
21 बादाम Almond Nut
22 पिस्ता Pistachio Nut

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