List of Ocean Names in Hindi and English

By | April 25, 2016

Find out Oceans Name in Hindi and English – A complete list has been created below for kids and students.  Kya aap jante hai ki world mein kitni Mahasagar hai?

Ocean or Mahasagar Name in Hindi and English

Oceans Name / Mahasagar ke Naam

Sr. No. Hindi English
1 प्रशांत महासागर (Prashant Mahasagar) Pacific ocean
2 हिंद महासागर (Hind Mahasagar) Indian ocean
3 दक्षिणी सागर (Dakshini Sagar) Southern ocean
4 अटलांटिक महासागर Atlantic ocean
5 आर्कटिक सागर Arctic ocean

To yeah rahi puri duniya mein mahasagaro ke naam with English and Hindi.

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