ग्रहों के नाम – Planets Name – Graho ke Naam

By | April 27, 2016

जानिए ग्रहों के नाम – Name of 10 Planets in Hindi and English with local language.  Do you know how many planets are there in our solar system? क्या आप जानते है सभी ग्रहों के नाम ? हमारा ग्रह काफी बड़ा है, पर काफी कम लोगों को ही इनके नाम के बारे में मालूम है | तो चलिए जानते हैं sabhi graho ke naam aasan bhasa mein:

Solar System Name in Hindi and English

 List of all Planets Name

Serial Hindi English Pronunciation
1 बुध Mercury Budh
2 शुक्र Venus Shukr
3 पृथ्वी Earth Prithwi
4 मंगल Mars Mangal
5 बृहस्पति Jupiter Brihaspati
6 शनि Saturn Sani
7 अरुण Uranus Arun
8 वरूण Neptune Warun
9 यम Pluto Yam

As of now total 9 planets have been found in our solar system by scientist. अगर आपके पास को सुझाव या और अन्य कोई जानकारी हो जिसे आप यहाँ साँझा करना चाहते है तो जरुर बतलाये |

14 thoughts on “ग्रहों के नाम – Planets Name – Graho ke Naam

  1. kishor rana

    surta graha nahi hai wah ek tara hai ,aur ab saur mandal me ath hi grah hai pluto (yama)ko grah nahi mana gaya hai

    1. PRIYA

      Sun is a star not a planet
      and Pluto is a dwarf planet.

      1. priya

        According to Indian Astrology, there are nine planets, including Sun and Pluto.Scientists think that sun is a star and pluto is a dwarf planet.

    2. ABC PC

      so what if someone want to now about pluto or sun name then that person could find it from this site

  2. Aman Rana

    Hi I want you tell that pluto is now not a planet so update it

  3. Sapna

    Warun is spelled वरुण. You spelled it वरूण by mistake.

  4. Manmohan

    Sun is a star as per scientist sun means suryanarayan is the reverse side of shri Krishna who is scientist of all scientists

  5. Manmohan

    If sun is a star then and that’s why u are very far and ur mind got many taar dwarf can only be considered to human not to planets this also heavenly nahi to the same graha would fall in you


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